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We pride ourselves with providing the best Professional Junk Removal Service available allover the world. Our skilled personnel, utilizing the latest equipment and process combined with years of experience!


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Junk Removal Service

Our Junk Removal Team can helps in removal of your large items or large quantities (e.g., furniture, tires, appliances etc.) out of your house and/or yard. We also offer garage clean-out, mattress removal, trash can removal etc., We are committed to helping to helping you reclaim your space. We are very knowledgeable and well equipped to handle all projects.

Furniture Removal Services

looking to get rid of a used table or broken bed, or any other residential or commercial furniture, we are your ultimate destination. We offers convenient furniture pickup services for all unwanted junk furniture including single items, large bulky furniture, and property cleanouts. We’ll take your old furniture from your residence and dispose of or recycle it for you, all as you request.

Scrap Metal Recycling Service

At Oj Junk Removal LLC, We are renowned for our topnotch metal recycling services to the residents of Atlanta GA. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals ready to handle your scrap metal needs at a quick call and timely manner. We also provide scrap metal removal services at affordable rates. Service You can Trust

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